School Supply Lists

Preschool Students

A backpack, clearly labeled

A water bottle, clearly labeled and filled each day

Small package of tissue to be kept in back pack

Change of clothes in a Ziploc bag to be kept in backpack


1 coloring utensil; pick crayons OR markers

1 glue stick

1 package No Scent baby wipes

1 EXPO marker

1 hand soap


If your last name is A-K:

One container Clorox wipes  

One box GALLON size Ziplock bags


If you last name is L-Z:

One 4-pack of Playdough

One box SANDWICH size Ziplock bags


ALL students need:

One crib fitted sheet, a small pillow and a small blanket



All Students

Physical Education                        

***Gym court shoes-MUST be regular athletic type shoes with Velcro or shoelace tie closures.     

***    No slip on shoes, hard soled shoes, or sandals

***    Girls need to wear pants or shorts on gym day.                                                                 


1      Large Backpack - please write name on backpack

1      Change of Clothes - to keep in backpack

1      16 oz. water bottle to be left at school- Labeled with name


***DO NOT LABEL SUPPLIES***                      

1      boxes of 24 crayons - primary colors               

1      set watercolor paints               

4      Expo dry erase markers FINE POINT-BLACK

1      package Mr. Clean Magic Erasers                    

4      glue sticks                       

1      pair rounded scissors -left handed if necessary

1      set of wide washable marker - primary colors  

1      set colored pencils                  

12    basic #2 pencils- SHARPENED    

1      box Ziploc type baggies-quart or gallon size 

1      boxes of tissues/Kleenex                 

4      boxes/bags of snacks to share - cereals, crackers, pretzels                      

2      containers Lysol/Clorox disinfectant table wipes

2      package of paper plates - regular or small sizes


1st Grade 

1      Large Backpack - to hold a 3-ring binder- labeled with name

1      16 oz. water bottle - to be left at school –labeled with name


***DO NOT LABEL SUPPLIES***                              

12    basic #2 pencils-1 dozen SHARPENED

1      boxes Crayola crayons 24 count                  

1      set Crayola washable FAT markers                  

1      set Crayola colored pencils    

4      glue sticks                       

1      bottle white glue                      

4      EXPO dry erase markers- FINE POINT BLACK 

1      small plastic bowl for student's snack-  lid optional

1      package Mr. Clean Magic Erasers GIRLS BRING

2      boxes tissues/Kleenex BOYS BRING        

2      FAMILY SIZE  bags/boxes of healthy snacks to share                      



2nd Grade and 3rd Grade

1      STANDARD sized backpack-labeled with name

1      16 oz. water bottle to be left at school -LABELED with NAME


 *** DO NOT LABEL SUPPLIES***                            

1      zippered pencil bag or box               

12    basic #2 pencils-1 dozen SHARPENED            

1      1  1/2"   3-ring binder                     

2      packages EXPO dry erase markers                  

1      box of 24 count  crayons                 

1      box of washable markers                 

1      box of colored pencils                      

4      glue sticks                       

1      pair of rounded scissors                  

2      highlighters                    

4      packs Post-It type notes-3" x 3"                       

1      package wide-lined notebook paper                 

2      containers of disinfectant wipes                      

1      box of Band-Aids                     

3      boxes of tissues/Kleenex                 


4th Grade and 5th Grade 

1      LARGE sized backpack

1      16 oz. water bottle to be left at school- LABELED with NAME

1      deodorant stick to keep in backpack


 ***DO NOT LABEL SUPPLES**              

1      zippered pencil bag - NO BOXES

12    basic #2 pencils- SHARPENED

2      packages mechanical pencils and replacement lead

1      box of 12-24 count  crayons

1      box of colored pencils-SHARPENED

1      box of colored markers

4      EXPO dry erase markers- FINE POINT-BLACK

3      highlighters

2      glue sticks

1      bottle white school glue

2      pens - red

3      pens - green

3      Sharpie markers

1      pair of pointed scissors

2         1   inch  3-ring binder

1         1  1/2  inch  3-ring binder

2      sets dividers - 8  count COLORED  tabs

2      packages COLLEGE ruled notebook paper

5      packages sheet protectors for 3-ring binders

2      pocket folders of your choice for HOMEWORK folders

1      5 x 7 journal - approximate size

1      set of headphones (ear buds)  REQUIRED

1      packet Post-It type notes  3"x3"

1      box GALLON size Ziploc type bags - BOYS bring

1      box SANDWICH size Ziploc type bags - GIRLS bring

2      containers of Lysol/Clorox disinfectant wipes

1      bottle hand sanitizer

2      boxes of tissues/Kleenex

box of Band-Aids                                     

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